Friday, September 21, 2007

Florida Keys and Tropical Island Wedding

The Florida Keys stretch from the US mainland into the Straits of Florida featuring the panoramic views of two oceans - the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. The Keys are famous for fishing and diving and the only home to living coral reef. But Florida Keys are not the best destination only to fishing hobbyists or divers, they mean paradise to all those who love to plan a tropical island wedding.

The spectacular sunsets, enchanting backwaters and the elusive green flash provide a romantic backdrop to celebrate a commitment for lifetime, so why have a traditional stuffy wedding? That’s why many fly here for a romantic escape. The food is fantastic, natives are friendly and you can have all that you want to make your wedding a family affair.

Florida Keys are home to many professional wedding planners, photographers and venue operators. They can prepare a ceremony for you that will suit your budget and needs. Resorts/hotels like Hawkscay offer you Jamaican palms, white-sand beach, secluded suites, private verandas, hammocks, whirlpool tubs, king-sized beds, villas, marina, spa, ballroom, waterside restaurant, kids club, dolphin connections and exquisite ocean views. Besides, they can also make wedding arrangements like notary, bridal stuff etc. to make your wedding tropical - simple but special.

The ideal beachfront setting of the resorts provides you with endless creative (and romantic) possibilities to celebrate wedding. Think of celebrating your wedding barefoot directly on the beach before sunset amidst awesome display of fireworks followed by a cocktail reception.

However the day may take your guests, they will, without doubt, be delighted at the end.

If you are in a hurry and excited state of mind because you wedding is fast approaching and you think - too much to do, too little time? Don’t worry, sit back and relax. There are planners who offer prepackages for your wedding. If the packages don’t suit to your fancy order them to tailor-make a ceremony to match you desires, paying a little extra money.

Not just wedding, you can actually save a lot of money by choosing the Keys as your honeymoon destination. Is not it a good thing to say your vow inside an historic church and have a great time with your spouse in a yacht or kayak, far away from the crowd?

If you feel like marrying you lover, nowhere under the sun you will find a better, a more ideal place to say "I do", than Florida Keys.

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